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Sports Kindergarten

Classes are structured to provide plenty of fun for kids as they make new friends and enjoy our tailored activities that best test their ingenuity and creativity, whilst also helping children better understand their own bodies such as developing and improving their coordination and body motor skills. The main qualities our classes help develop are:

  • A better understanding of their own body, such as their structural and functional capabilities and limitations

  • Good social and psychological state through games and play with other children understanding of how to better orientate themselves, knowing how to move in their surroundings

  • Develop eye-body coordination through experience from ball games

  • Gain confidence in themselves


Benfica Macau Football Academy's vision is to provide a unique training program specifically developed for children that rings together the key aspects of football into a complete system of technical tactical physiological and physical development within an exiting and educational atmosphere.

it is our goal to provide a level of individualization that helps each player progress as a person and within the context of the team, continually challenging them through their development to improve and learn each and every time.

Every Benfica Macau Academy player will assured to gain match experience playing in competitive matches yearly. 


Benfica Macau Basketball academy was formed to promote and help nurture young aspiring athletes in Macau.

Apart from preparing children to be future basketball players with excellent motor and athletic abilities, we also focus on boosting their self-esteem, self confidence and their socialization skills.

We balance between getting them to be competitive warriors while respecting their peers, in a multicultural and fun environment, where merit and hard work is valued along with human skills and companionship.

Our students are coached by qualified and experienced coaches who have formerly played for the Macau national team, our coaches are fully prepared to give all-round mentoring to help each player achieve their potential.

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