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BENFICA MACAU 澳門賓菲加 Football Academy

is a place where children from 3 years of age start learning about football, develop their skills and practice football up to 14 years, where then the young athletes graduate to BENFICA MACAU澳門賓菲加 elite youth teams.

Benfica Macau Academy provides a fantastic opportunity for all football-mad children and teenagers. You will experience football at its purest and have fun in our training courses, where our coaches will show you everything that professional players learnt in their youth!

The training is based on the methodology developed by Horst Wein, a methodology we use to consistently improve the footballing performance of our participants. In addition to football-specific content such as dribbling, tricks, shooting, etc., our coaches also convey the fun side of football. 

Horst Wein’s methods was were built around kids, and how they learn naturally - through games, ++ and questioning the players - so they self discover and understand the what, when and why of any action that they take in training and in matches.


Let it be for fun, exercise or love of the game, practicing football from a young age is known to have physical and social benefits whilst also developing important life skills.


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Caesars Golf Macau - Multi Sport Field (Cotai)

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