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We're Off to Shanghai!

Benfica Macau Academy is proud to announce that we were invited to compete in the AKS Tournament in Shanghai that takes place from the 22nd to 23rd of March, where the U10, U12, and U16 teams will be attending, with the whole delegation for this tournament including upwards of 95 people. This exciting opportunity marks our second international tournament outside of Macau, following our first participation in the Bangkok International Supercup last December.

As an academy committed to the development of young football players, we believe that providing international competition is climbing one more step on their growth. By competing against teams from different countries, our players will gain invaluable experience and be exposed to diverse playing styles that may not be commonly encountered here in Macau.

Technical Coordinator André Calado shares his enthusiasm regarding the upcoming tournament, stating, "This tournament is another opportunity for our players to continue their development process and is one of many competition moments we have providing in the academy and planned also for the future. It allows them to challenge themselves against teams, players, they wouldn't typically face, exposing them to different challenges and environments that may not be common in Macau. Given the limited number of players, teams and competitions in Macau, it is crucial for our young talents to broaden their horizons and test their skills against a wider range of opponents."

Our teams have been working tirelessly to raise the bar of youth football in Macau. We have full confidence that our young talents will demonstrate the values and principles of the academy.

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