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Academy Schedule for March! 體育學教三月時間表

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Feels like the year has just started we are already in March!! Weather is becoming warmer and Spring is approaching!

We have continued our work in structuring and developing our trainings to suit the growth of all our young athletes and making sure they have fun!

From March onwards, our Academy has football trainings every day for young athletes from 6 years of age and above, with individual technical trainings every Tuesday and Thursday and an additional U10 training on Wednesdays at CGM - Multi-Sport Field.

Individual Technical Training Sessions are designed for the all athletes of all ages that would like a more specific training and develop even further their skills. A program will be specifically designed to each individual or small group.

Parents!! If you'd like also to practice some football and do some exercise, we also have programs for you in our Adult Football Trainings!! We have special packages for parents and children who are both in our academy!

Please don't hesitate in getting in touch if you'd like to know more about our programs!

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