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The legacy of Benfica Macau 澳門賓菲加 football team had its origins in 1951, competing throughout the years in the Macau football league and youth tournaments until the early 90’s.

In 2008 the Benfica Macau project revitalized:

The new Benfica Macau 澳門賓菲加 started from the bottom division in 2008, reached the Macau Elite League in 2012, and since then, added 5 consecutive Championships and 3 Macau FA Cups, making it the most successful football team in Macau.

In 2018, Macau reached a new level in its football history: Benfica Macau 澳門賓菲加 not only was its first ever team to participate in AFC Cup group stage, but also the first Macau club to score points internationally, culminating with a 2nd place in the group stage, with 4 victories in 6 matches, all in the club’s debut participation.


5 Macau Elite League Champions

3 Macau FA Cup

2 Macau 7-a-side Champions

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